Playing with different object

It is important to identify the design of browser-based games in order to improve a wide number of difficulties like technological ineffectiveness, lack of proper cataloguing, in the museum. These problems are making it difficult for running the operation of the museum. The inefficiency of the official website of the museum and the interpretative subject matter of the thematic sites makes it complicated to acquire a wide level of public usage. On the other hand, absence of metadata in several collection websites makes the museum unable to gain a large number of discoverability. It is the prime responsibility of the museums and art galleries to increase their level of the collection in compared to the older museums. Proper usage of colour is very much important in this context. At the same time, effective application of light, style, artwork and content which would help to increase their representativeness. All these factors would help the museums to evoke better emotional; responses from the people. Moreover, the art objects must be unique and distinct. It is important for the working professionals of the museum to use digital technology in the museum exhibition in order to acquire visitor loyalty by improving their experience. Effective usage of digital technology would allow the staffs of the museums like smart phones and interactive levels in order to introduce new ways for the users to cope up with the objects of the museum and identify the importance of digital sources which are internally linked with cultural content (Dh2012.uni-hamburgde, 2016).

Successful implementation of crowdsourcing is very important in order to engage a large number of people (Crowdsourcing!, 2016).There are various kinds of activities which are needed to perform in crowdsourcing. These factors include:


It is important to make proper advertisement of the business in order to show the speciality. The managers of museum should make advertisement of their new services or exhibitions in order to involve a large number of people.无标d题.png

State Museum of Architecture in Moscow — “Discover The Full Story” — beautiful brilliant ads.



Usage of newspaper would help the museums in order to share their work reflection. In order to perform this, the management of the museums can also hire famous journalists who can convey their achievements to the public. This help to increase public image.


It is important to build effective transport system which allows improving system by reducing the crowdsourcing. The higher level authority can also plan to use Waze traffic application in order to gain information regarding the traffic. This would help to implement their transport in a timely and cost effective manner.


On the present competitive business environment, all the leading multinationals companies are showing concern for implementing streamlined in their workplace. Initiation of streamline must be conducted by the CEOs of the museums in order to gather feedback from the employees by calling a meeting. This would help to involve perceptions of a lot of people within their workplace.


Dh2012.uni-hamburgde, 2016. Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation | Digital Humanities 2012. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 14 December 2016].


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