Social Media learnig

Every business needs a proper branding technique to ensure its success. Museums and galleries, especially museums, may not generally seen as ‘business’, but they do need to take measure to attract visitors. There are so many social media platforms at present and each one has different missions and goals. The way of someone post under a personal social media account certainly will not meet the requirement of the museums’. But why do museums and galleries need social media at all? Will this action bring any good to the organisations? And are there any requirements or restrictions in the way of posting? These questions were discussed in our last class.

I have been posting on some social media platforms for several years so far. The initial purpose of doing so was to keep a record of my life. Since I started the course last year, my postings were more focused on the reviews of exhibitions, the visit of museums, galleries, and places of interests that has historical significance, such as the Hampton Court, the Winsor Castle, etc. My friends usually leave me some feedback under my post or just simply gave me a ‘like’. However, for some unknown reason, some strangers rushed to my blog and gave me negative feedback. I was annoyed by this for a while and after this class I suddenly started to understand the real meaning of social media, and how social media could be used by museums and galleries – it is a way of branding. For me, the negative feedback can be considered as strangers started to judge me only based on few pictures or hashtags. That’s a horrible thing. But thinking from another perspective, it can also be a good opportunity because they only see from the appearance. This ‘rule’ can also be applied to museums and galleries. Maintaining a good ‘appearance’ for museums and galleries will undoubtedly increase the number of followers, likes and shares. And here comes another question – who is posting on behalf of the museums and galleries? For bigger museums and galleries, they would hire fully-trained employees that understand their goals and missions. Misunderstanding and improper voices will lead to arguments, critics or even bad effects. To use an improper example here, Donald Trump is being criticised as ‘using Twitter to rule the States’ and has weaponised Twitter.

屏幕截图 2017-01-13 16.06.16.png

If any museum or gallery hire someone like him and posting on his own likes and dislikes, the reputation of the museum or gallery would be badly ruined. Museums and galleries are posting to spread knowledge; combining with my personal experiences, hence I suggest they hire proper people to get the branding issue work.


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